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Lex Sloan  

Line Producer

Alexis ‘Lex’ Sloan is an American, Jewish, middle-class feminist filmmaker. She has been proudly making movies for over a decade. Lex loves the dirty side of celluloid and can often be found in the darkroom hand-processing, or behind the controls of the optical printer. 



Lex is passionate about social justice and equality and has made many documentaries focused on these issues, including El Pueblo Unido, a film about farm workers' rights, and Yes on Love, a film about marriage equality and Proposition 8. Lex is also heavily active in her community, volunteering for many organizations and working with teaching youth video production. She designed her undergraduate degree in ‘Social Change Media’ and recently obtained her MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University. She is currently in production for her short film Dental Dam Nation.

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