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Therese Garcia, Oli


Therese is a comedian, actor, writer, singer, host and an ordained minister!


Hailing from San Francisco and raised by first generation Catholic Filipinos, Therese believed she would eventually become a nun. After wasting tuition at RISD, she got a taste of stage life as one half of the comedy duo, The Gay/Asian Straight/Causasian Alliance. She then continued to hone her performance chops by singing in the Oakland Family Fight Singers and acting on stage for the all-female sketch troupe, Femikaze.


Since then, Therese has starred in the web series Sam & Billie Date (which she also co-wrote and co-directed), the short film The Fiction of the Fix, the pilot episode of web series Throw Like a Girl, had a small role in the new comedy series Bartlett, and finagled a recurring role in the series Dyke Central.

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